New Moto – I refuse to participate in a recession!!

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BNI Conference Cork 2008
I had a 6.30 start on Saturday morning with a BNI Conference, that took place in Cork.  This was one of the best conferences I attended – and yes, it is true the early bird catches the worm…. 
The room was full of energy and people with a positive attitude.  It was extremely well organised by Sandra and Andy Harte – Executive Directors of BNI Ireland.
Busy networkers

Busy networkers

 Here are some of the highlights and learning from the day…
• From Phil Berg of “Reach your Goals
–   Take one part of your business and improve it a little bit, then go around on all of your business and do the same, when all aspects have been improved – start again!
– Arrive a half hour early before networking events
–  Sit next to someone different every time –move tables throughout a day conference
• From Maggie Bowen of Sites to go

– Ten things to do for Free right now – Maggie Bowen –Sitestogo – 

great networking opps

great networking opps

• Rob Copeland – Executive Director BNI Scotland West – picture of him – proud of his heritage or what..

– In a 60 second presentation of your business this is what you must cover –
– How can someone help grow your business
– Why are you better than your competition?
– Who do you work for – client examples
– Who is your target market – be specific
– How do you do things different from your competitor?
Charlie Lawson  – Assist Natinoal Director BNI UK and Ireland– Best questions to ask at your 1-1 meetings / your networking referral contacts

– Who are your top 3 current clients, why do your clients think you are good? Who are your 3 target clients?  What’s the best way to introduce you to a potential client?  Who passes you business?  How did your best referral happen? What can I watch/listen for to get you a referral?  What are we going to do next – follow up?
– Frank De Raffele – Making the Most of your marketing –
I need to write a separate post on this one as there were so many!  Very Brief summary is this –

“nobody cares” about your business like you do – make an emotional connection to your target market that inspires them to ACT!

It was definitely an inspiring talk and I am very jealous of Paul of Spa Lighting wining a $5000 marketing consultancy with Frank!

Dr. Ivan Misner – Founder of BNI
– Create a diverse network of connectors -and moto – “I refuse to participate in a Recession”……  there are opportunities in each climate, they must be found and explored.  Real Estate agents on the East Coast of the US are having their best year ever – why, because there are properties on the market, at more reasonable prices that buyers are very willing to buy.


is anyone listening??

is anyone listening??


networking in style at Cork International Airport


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